Item sets

Gyrocopter сетыGyrocopterArmaments of the Dragon Emperor, Rainmaker MK.VII, Sky-High Warship
Huskar сетыHuskarThe Obsidian Blade, The Sacred Bones
Invoker сетыInvokerThe Fires of Exort, The Magus Magnus, The Cabalist of Dark Magic, Mnemonus Arcanus, Iceforged, Vestige of the Arsenal Magus, Garbs of the Eastern Range, Sempiternal Revelations, Adornings of the Quas Precor, Cadenza Magic Master, Sinister Lightning
Juggernaut сетыJuggernautThe Boar God's Honor, Of Ebony and Ivory, Traveler on the High Plains, Aspects of Beast and Man, The Dauntless, Thousand Faces, The Exiled Ronin, Arms of the Gwimyeon Warrior, Wandering Demon of the Plains, Gifts of the Vanished Isle, Bladesrunner, Balance of the Bladekeeper
Keeper of the Light сетыKeeper of the LightEmpowered Vestments of the Gods, Attributes of the Foretold, Dressings of the First Light, Keeper of the Northlight
Kunkka сетыKunkkaThe Admirable Admiral, Artillery of the Crested Cannoneer, The Commendable Commodore, Instruments of the Claddish Voyager, The Steadfast Voyager, Armaments of Leviathan, The Claddish Renegade, Bestowments of the Divine Anchor
Legion Commander сетыLegion CommanderStonehall Royal Guard, Commander of the Dragon Guard, Equine Emissary, Flight of the Valkyrie, Judge of the Battlefield, Immortals Pride
Leshrac сетыLeshracTwisted Wisdom, The Thorns of Sundering
Lich сетыLichDead Winter, Eldritch Ice, Frozen Star, Sorcerer of the Black Pool, Frozen Emperor
Lifestealer сетыLifestealerTrappings of the Ravenous Fiend, Redrage Crawler, Transmuted Armaments
Lina сетыLinaLight of the Solar Divine, Fiery Soul of the Slayer, The Battle Caster, Garments of the Charred Bloodline, Fashion of the Scorching Princess, The Bright Moon of Joseon, The Ember Crane, Dragonfire, Everlasting Heat, Warhawk Vestiments
Lion сетыLionTools of the Demon Witch, Hell's Ambassador, Curse of the Malignant Corruption, Legacy of Infernal Wings
Lone Druid сетыLone DruidTools of the Haruspex, The Atniw's Fury, The Iron Claw, The Wolf Hunter
Luna сетыLunaBlessings of the Eternal Eclipse, Flight of the Crescent Moon, Blessings of Lucentyr, Starrider of the Crescent Steel, Dusklight Marauder
Lycanthrope сетыLycanthropeArmor of the Sanguine Moon, The Great Grey, The Hunter of Kings
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